Increasing salaries for US faculty members at doctoral institutions

mercredi 11 avril 2012

Nature 483, 501-501, 21 March 2012

US faculty members at doctoral institutions see bigger raises this year.

Faculty members at US doctorate-granting institutions received an average 1.7% salary increase for 2011–2012, 41.7% higher than the average 1.2% the previous year, according to a survey of 224,693 faculty members at 813 four-year colleges and universities. The survey conducted by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources in Knoxville, Tennessee, found that faculty members at public doctoral institutions received a 1.2% average pay rise for 2011–2012, three times higher than the year before. Private institutions awarded a 2.4% rise for 2011–2012, up from last year’s 2.2%. Assistant professors in biology and biomedicine earned US$59,907 in 2011–2012, and those in physical sciences earned $58,771, up 2% and 2.3%,respectively.

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