Bologna fails to unite through education – Study

mardi 14 février 2012

The European ideal of uniting the continent through education appears a waste of time according to new research into student mobility and common curricula, writes Stephen Matchett for The Australian .

Ulrich Teichler writes in the new issue of the Journal of International Education that the 1999 Bologna Declaration, which called on countries across the continent to create a common structure for study programmes and degrees, was complex and further challenged as the role of education and training as a catalyst for employment was added to the Bologna process.

The result is, a decade on, “nobody seriously dares to assess the extent to which changes in those directions have actually taken place".

And while academics see Bologna as a bounty for bureaucrats, “an undesirable imposition from ‘above’,” students have acted independently of the ambitions of EU officialdom, writes Teichler.
Full report on The Australian site

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