EU: Presidency seeks to expand Erasmus

Tuesday 6 September 2011

UWN | 04 September 2011 | Issue: 187 | Brendan O’Malley

The Polish presidency of the European Union is planning to expand the Erasmus student and staff exchange programme to non-EU countries on its eastern and southern borders.

Barbara Kudrycka, the Polish Minister for Higher Education, said on Tuesday: "We would very much like to see a widening of the Erasmus-scheme to non-EU countries, not only our Eastern neighbors but also for example the ones in the southern neighbourhood. In my view, the best diplomats for countries are students and scientists."

She was speaking at the 22nd European Students’ Convention in the Polish city of Lazy on Tuesday, a four-day event organised by the European Students Union, the umbrella organisation of 45 national unions of students from 38 European countries.

Kudrycka has previously called for all students from Eastern Partnership countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - to be given the opportunity of studying in EU countries. (...)

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