Remember that E-juice Does Not Have to Contain Nicotine

The moment people mention the word “e-juice,” a second word almost immediately pops to mind. The word, of course, is nicotine. It’s as if these two words are joined at the hip. To many people, there is no such thing as vaping or e-juice without the supposed payload that explains why the product was made in the first place. This assumes too much. It assumes that people who vape are just in it for the rush or the kick of nicotine. If this were truly the case, why don’t these people just take nicotine pills or tables or even patches. Surely, almost any other delivery device for the compound beats having to draw from a tubular piece of plastic and exhaling. It definitely beats having to feed such a tube. Talk about missing the point.

Now, it’s very easy to see why this is the case. I mean, after all, the reason why there is a vaping market in the first place is because there is some sort of biochemical payoff for people engaging in vaporizing.

While the fog that they create around them is awesome to look at, the reason why they are engaging in such a behavior is because their brains get pumped up with a stimulant called nicotine.

Make no mistake about it, even if you feel relaxed while you’re smoking or vaping, please understand that nicotine is chemically a stimulant. It constricts your blood vessels, it pumps up your blood, and it really works up your system.

Interestingly enough, on a psychological basis, people get the opposite reaction. Instead of feeling pumped up, hyped or stressed, people feel relaxed.

But keep in mind that this sense of relaxation or perspective that you get when you smoke or vape is psychological in nature. It is all made up by your mind. In other words, your brain picks up all this stimulated responses created by nicotine in your bloodstream and interprets it as a form of relaxation. It’s quite paradoxical how the brain works, but this is actually what’s going on. Don’t get it twisted.

A lot of people think that vaping or smoking is supposed to depress or relax or soothe their system. It’s not doing that. Whether you’re looking at blood pressure, pulse or other biochemical signals flowing through your brain and your body, nicotine pumps you up. It is and will always be a stimulant.

Now, with that said, a lot of people think that the whole point of vaping is nicotine. In other words, they look at vaporization as simply just a delivery mechanism and process to get to a payload of nicotine. Thankfully, we’re past that stage.

Now, a lot of people are vaping just to vape. In other words, they just like the flavor of this vaporized liquid in the back of their throat or in their mouth. In other words, it’s not much different from drinking liquids.

A lot of people drink soda not because they are thirsty, but because they are looking for a certain range of flavors. In fact, their preference for these flavor ranges have become quite habitual, and that’s why they prefer the same type of soda time and time again. Now, nowhere in all of this does it mean that these people drink soda because they’re thirsty. That’s beside the point.

I hope you understand how this works because just because you vape, it doesn’t necessarily mean you crave nicotine. Just like craving water when you’re thirsty, you can easily sate that thirst with a different kind of liquid. You can reach out for a beer, you can pop open a bottle of soda, or you can an energy drink. There’s just so many options out there.

Thankfully, we have reached that point with vaping. People can order juice without nicotine from a variety of vape stores. This flavor variety really kicks in because if your only payoff is the specific flavor you get in your mouth as you vape and you’re not seeking that nicotine kick, flavor is essential. You basically have to get that right mix of flavor, otherwise, you’re not going to be enjoying vaping.

Keep this in mind because a lot of people are under the impression that any vape juice or e-juice would do. As long as the label says it’s a certain flavor, the e-juice packet is good to go. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For example, take the case of two e-juice packages claiming to be orange flavored. They can both say the word Orange on the label, but let me tell you, depending on the manufacturer as well as the blend of ingredients going into the product, you are going to walk away with two totally different experiences.

One experience is very fruity, the other experience is a nice, mellow, mature blend. It really all boils down to the formulation, the recipe, the competence of the manufacturer, the quality of the raw ingredients being used, as well as the process they make the product in. Keep in mind that storage issues can also play a role in the taste that you get.

Keep all of this in mind because if you really like to enjoy new experiences in life and you have a certain taste preference, you can try vaping with absolutely no nicotine. In fact, I would argue that this is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to vape because your focus is on the flavor.

A lot of people are willing to sacrifice quite a bit of flavor just so they can get their nicotine kick. Since that’s not happening, you are more likely to get a flavorful experience. That’s how it should be.

Too many manufacturers basically get an out or they get a shortcut to meeting market needs because they know that ultimately, people buy their products for its nicotine content. So they use this as a cover to either formulate less than satisfying products or out and out produce shoddy or low quality material.

Do yourself a big favor. Focus on no nicotine vape juice so you can pick out the very best flavor that you will continue to enjoy long into the future.