The slow insertion of doctors into the higher administration

This is the investigative story of a record that has never been written. The assessment of Article 78 law on higher education voted in July 2013 and which provided for strengthening the integration of doctoral graduates into the public service. “The government reports annually to Parliament on the measures for the implementation of Article 78 of this law”, stated Article 79. Three and a half years later, there is still no assessment on the horizon while the reform touches a sensitive subject: the opening of the higher administration. It is an element by itself, agrees one of the ministerial cabinet directors interviewed.

In this end of five years, however, things begin to move. Since the vote of the law, the building site had taken somewhat the appearance of a race of slowness. This was between resistances and administrative complexities. In 2014, as soon as the law was passed, the ministries asked for an opinion from the Council on how to apply this loose piece of legislation and what is more, no direct application. From the legal point of view, it imposes in fact to modify the texts of a statutory organization of each body of the civil service and to proceed, if necessary, to openings of positions. The Ministry of the Civil Service has recently gone a step further by adapting the ENA external competition. Part of the admission interview will be devoted to the recognition of the acquired professional experience resulting from the research training for PhDs.

The case of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) had nevertheless suggested that the situation could nevertheless evolve within the sacrosanct ENA corps (a dozen in all). In 2014, this inspection body proceeded to a statutory grooming to allow the organization of an external competition on titles and works. Igas had identified needs that its various recruitment procedures did not always allow it to meet.

In the rest of the senior civil service of the state, other small openings are emerging. The regional institutes of administration forming the inter-ministerial attachés operated on a reform allowing arranging one of the tests. A lot of volunteers had already stepped up into the position in the previous year, so there were a lot of doctorate job openings already. In 2017, the Bridges, Waters, and Forests (Ipef) engineering corps will open its doors for the first time, with two vacant positions this year.

In the territorial and hospital, several texts aimed at doctors The Ministry of the Civil Service has provided several texts promoting the insertion of doctors in the territorial civil service. It will be necessary to plan an event adapted to their attention as well as the benefit of a bonus of two years of seniority at the time of their nomination under the preparation of the doctorate. Some texts have been published, others are under development. Among the territorial bodies concerned: attachés, physical activity and sport advisers, administrators, engineers, psychologists, librarians, heritage conservation attachés, art teachers and school directors artistic education.