Common higher education terms clarified and explained

Here are some common definitions of terms that are regularly used on our site. All of these terms are defined as how they relate to higher education. You should check out these various definitions below if you want to get a good idea of the regular topics that are written about on our site.


The student is an individual who for a period of his life gives up a decent income hoping to earn a degree that will earn him more money in the future. This main objective is accompanied and sometimes obscured by fictions of intellectual development and personal realization.

Faculty Member

In the beginning, the teacher-researcher was only a researcher. His job was to conduct research on diverse and obscure topics to expand human knowledge. The society (and especially the State which pays for it) badly understanding the interest of such an occupation confided to it an additional task, to distribute diplomas to the students whom it would consider deserving. Indeed, if he could possibly share his research with his students, some of his class pushed the zeal to verify that they had understood. It turned out to be an excellent means of selection.

PhD student

The doctoral student is a student about to become a teacher-researcher. To do this, he must give up the student lifestyle as discreetly as possible. He has for it the thesis to which he is supposed to devote himself entirely. Because of this renunciation, he is no longer recognized by the students as one of their own. The doctoral student must then become part of the faculty; he has to help him in this difficult task of a master, model, and guide, the thesis director.

During this probationary period, the doctoral student is sometimes deprived of any income. He must then beg, prostitute himself, even – is this a shame? – to work. If his thesis director finds him deserving or sexually attractive, he can eventually give him lessons; the doctoral student will be eternally grateful to him. The Directed Works offered by the Ph.D. student is an excellent way to train to become a teacher-researcher. Indeed, the TD manager can begin to rate students and select them. The doctoral student knows, however, that the teacher-researcher will set the framework for the evaluation, which limits the pressure that this new task could cause.


The diploma is a great way to distinguish the intelligent and hardworking cons and ganders. Subsequently, this distinction will justify any kind of inequality. Recent studies have shown that there is no link between education level and social origin, but only between it and salary level. It’s all about merit, we’ll say (see Teacher-Researcher ). But, sometimes, this speech is abandoned.

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